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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows Using Eyeshadow: Video

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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows Using Eyeshadow: Video

The simple, strategic power of an enhanced eyebrow to transform the face is unrivaled; if a way to transform one’s appearance with a snap of the fingers (sans surgery, of course) were to ever exist, a well-groomed brow would be it.

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If your reputation for having impeccable brows every day is something you value, but you don’t necessarily want to squander your life’s savings on growth treatments, sculptors, highlighters, and gels, you’re probably going to want to watch the above video, in which MAC senior artist Chantel Miller shows you how to fill in your brows using nothing but eyeshadow. Insert obligatory #OnFleek comment here.

And when you’re done, shop the exact products she used, below.

Typographic Eyeshadow, $16; Omega Eyeshadow, $16; Concrete Eyeshadow, $16; Brun Eyeshadow, $16; 228 Brush, $20 

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