Zodiac Signs as “Harry Potter” Characters: Who You Would Be at Hogwarts?

Zodiac Signs as “Harry Potter” Characters: Who You Would Be at Hogwarts?
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It’s officially the holiday season, which means it’s time to revisit the mystical and wintry vibes of Hogwarts through books and movies. To make the magic even stronger, let’s discuss which zodiac sign matches each Harry Potter character, because they feel real to everyone who loves this whimsical universe.

What’s your Hogwarts house? Ever since the first Harry Potter book and movie came out, we have been captivated by the Wizarding World. For a little over two decades, people across the globe have eagerly awaited their own flurry of Hogwarts acceptance letters to experience the magic themselves. After all, who wouldn’t want to be immersed in a universe where we can fly brooms in a Quidditch tournament, learn to cast our unique patronuses, and share a butterbeer at Hogsmeade with our friends? Even the opportunity to face a gang of dementors or compete in the Triwizard Tournament is tantalizing! Not to mention that everyone wants to experience the type of friendship that Harry has with Hermione and Ron.

Although not everyone would be initially keen on defeating He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, we may still feel just as charged to leap into the fray at the Battle of Hogwarts to save the Wizarding World. The power that Harry Potter has is utterly astounding since this is one of the few classically nostalgic series that elicits the same feelings we had the first time we watched one of the movies or read the latest book. Although most die-hard Potterheads know that the character’s birthdays have been released, this doesn’t mean that some of the characters can’t exemplify traits of other zodiac signs. Keep reading to find out if your favorite Harry Potter character represents your zodiac sign!

Zodiac Signs as Harry Potter Characters

Sirius Black

Photo: Warner Bros.

Aries: You’re Sirius Black

Fierce and daring, Sirius Black isn’t afraid to take action, making him a fiery Aries. In his youth, Sirius was known to be a rebellious kid who may or may not have had a penchant for bullying Snape with his friends. Plus, only an Aries would come up with, “I solemnly swear I am up to no good. As Harry’s godfather, Sirius’ passionate Aries spirit came through when surprising Harry with the Firebolt and being ready to defend Harry until his dying breath.


Photo: Warner Bros.

Taurus: You’re Hagrid

One of the most loyal friends Harry has at Hogwarts is none other than Hagrid. Tenacious, determined, and hospitable, Hagrid’s Taurean personality is truly a breath of fresh air. No matter what is going on, Hagrid remains a steadfast and reliable mentor throughout the series. His comfy abode continues to be a safe space for Harry and his friends whenever the kids need somewhere to go. Just like Taurus, Hagrid is an unwavering character who continues to persevere against all odds.

Remus Lupin

Photo: Warner Bros.

Gemini: You’re Remus Lupin

The sign of the twin is often known to have a public and private face since Gemini typically lives between worlds. Living a double life isn’t easy, but if anyone can make it work then it’s Remus Lupin. Clever, curious, and communicative, Lupin’s professor persona is his public face at Hogwarts. Since Lupin carries himself so well, nobody but Harry and his friends would suspect otherwise. Luckily, Lupin’s Gemini-like flexibility is perfect once the duplicity of being a werewolf and connection to Harry’s father is exposed. 

Neville Longbottom

Photo: Warner Bros.

Cancer: You’re Neville Longbottom

Sweet Neville Longbottom may not initially strike you as a potential hero who could defeat Voldemort since Neville tends to be quieter, more emotional, and even a little insecure. Similar to Cancer, Neville’s intuitive leadership skills and kindness will help him shine. Although Neville seems to lack self-confidence at times, the cardinal aspect of his Cancerian nature allows him to feel emotionally self-assured in his leadership skills to take charge to protect his family at Hogwarts when the time comes. 

Harry Potter

Photo: Warner Bros.

Leo: You’re Harry Potter

True to his birthday, Harry Potter is undoubtedly a Leo! As part of Harry’s Leo destiny, he’s quite literally the main character and hero in the wizarding world. Like Leo, Harry never fails to find the courage to rise to the occasion, especially if his loved ones are in danger. Although Harry typically exudes Leo’s positive traits, there are moments when his ego and stubbornness do pop up in the fifth installment of the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. However, our favorite Leo radiates an unmistakable determination to save everyone from the dark lord.

Hermione Granger Harry Potter

Photo: Warner Bros.

Virgo: You’re Hermione Granger

As an astrological  perfectionist, Virgo is the celestial hyper-specific, nerdy do-gooder – a.k.a. Hermione Granger. It might have been obvious when she critiqued Ron’s pronunciation of “wingardium leviosa” since Hermione’s nit-picking is a classic Virgoan trait. However, just like Virgo, Hermione tends to mean well since she wants to help and be of service in any way possible. Her intelligence, attention to detail, and execution is why Hermione is arguably one of the most powerful witches in the wizarding world!

Albus Dumbledore

Photo: Warner Bros.

Libra: You’re Albus Dumbledore

Tasked with keeping peace at Hogwarts while mentoring Harry, Albus Dumbledore is credited to be diplomatic. His Libra-like nature served him many times, such as encouraging Harry to be impartial toward Snape and playing the role of the devil’s advocate. Although it wasn’t easy for Dumbledore, he never strayed from being a benevolent headmaster that everyone had come to love and admire. His wisdom, charm, and relatability are what make Dumbledore such a popular character!

Professor Severus Snape

Photo: Warner Bros.

Scorpio: You’re Severus Snape

As a master of mystery with a questionably dark past, Professor Snape is none other than a Scorpio. Snape’s reputation is fairly questionable throughout most of the series since it was incredibly hard to know who he was or decipher his motives. Just like Scorpio, Snape’s cunning nature, pride, and seemingly odd resentment toward Harry only exacerbated suspicion. Despite the initial wariness that Snape had provoked, his Scorpionic transformation unveiled the immense depth and power of his true character. 

Ron Weasley

Photo: Warner Bros.

Sagittarius: You’re Ron Weasley

As an enthusiastic, outspoken Sagittarius, Ron Weasley always brings a spark of warmth back into Harry’s and Hermione’s lives. Ron’s chatty nature is often funny, but he does occasionally experience foot-in-mouth syndrome (especially when he’s trying to flirt with Hermione). But his sense of humor and honesty is just what the gang needs. When Harry or Hermione need encouragement, Ron seems to be the first one who encourages them to keep moving forward. 


Photo: Warner Bros.

Capricorn: You’re Voldemort

Even though Capricorn has many admirable attributes, Voldemort does seem to embrace the shadow side of the sea-goat a bit more. Cold, callous, and calculating, Voldemort has no problem waiting for the perfect moment to get his revenge. Voldemort’s overly traditional, if narrow-minded, view of muggles, mudbloods, and purebloods is the ultimate driving force behind his ambition to take over the wizarding world. Like a miserly Capricorn who’s known for being a scrooge, Voldemort’s reputation is that he’s known to readily embrace his inner Machiavellianism. 

Luna Lovegood

Photo: Warner Bros.

Aquarius: You’re Luna Lovegood

As the oddball at Hogwarts, Luna Lovegood would be the Aquarius nicknamed “Loony”. Like Aquarius, Luna is considered an outcast for her eccentricity and ingenuity since she tends to be a little too weird for her peers. At first glance, Luna seems to be a little emotionally detached and in her own world. It’s no surprise that Luna’s remarkable out-of-the-box intellect is what lands her in Ravenclaw too! But over time, her Aquarian authenticity is what helps Luna shine while also solidifying her close friendships with Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Neville. 

Draco Malfoy

Photo: Warner Bros.

Pisces: You’re Draco Malfoy

Although Pisces can be a dreamy zodiac sign, the fish can also be deceiving, elusive, and unrealistic. Unfortunately, Draco Malfoy’s personality seems to match the shadow-side traits of Pisces. Even though Draco tries to come across as tough, he’s actually quite sensitive and quickly resorts to a tattle-tale victim complex whenever something doesn’t go his way. His sensitivity doesn’t necessarily help his idealism, which leads Draco down a dangerously dark path as he follows in his parent’s footsteps. But in true Pisces fashion, Draco *eventually* takes off the rose-colored glasses before it’s too late!

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