Here’s Why You Should Read Your Horoscope For Your Rising Sign, Because It’s Usually More Accurate

Here’s Why You Should Read Your Horoscope For Your Rising Sign, Because It’s Usually More Accurate
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Have you ever read your horoscope only to discover that your horoscope isn’t accurate? It may have have nothing to do with who wrote the horoscope, because you may be reading your horoscope for the wrong zodiac sign. Since I’m an astrologer, I’m here to answer the age-old question: why should you read your horoscope for your rising sign?

Since horoscopes are usually a hit or miss, this is one of the first things I will typically address in an astrological consultation. I always start by letting my client know why they should read the horoscope for their rising sign in order to get the most accurate astrological forecast. Nine times out of ten, I will get a befuddled look and some sort of question as to why this is the case since most people would assume that they should read the horoscope for their sun sign. Although it may seem like it’s common knowledge to read the horoscope for your sun sign, this is somewhat incorrect. Reading your sun sign’s horoscope doesn’t always lead to accurate results because the sun sign horoscope and rising sign horoscope require different methods of astrological analysis. The only time this rule of thumb wouldn’t apply is if your sun sign and rising sign are the same zodiac sign. But this isn’t usually the case, which begs the question—which horoscope should you read and why?

But before we dive into the nuances of horoscopes, you will have to calculate your birth chart to know both your sun sign and rising sign. To do so, you will need your birthday (mm/dd/yyyy), exact birth time with AM/PM included, and birthplace to calculate your birth chart. If you don’t have your birth time, then seek out a reputable astrologer who can assist with chart rectification, which is a process of using events in your life to determine your rising sign. If you have your birth time, then I recommend using Astro Charts, AstroSeek or the chart generator on the AstroTwins’ website.

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Sun Sign vs. Rising Sign: What Is the Difference?

Once you have your birth chart, take note of your sun sign and rising sign. The main difference between these two placements is that the sun sign describes your ego and sense of identity while the rising sign captures the essence of your personality and the way you navigate the world. While the sun sign is stable, the rising sign dictates the patterns you will experience throughout your life. Since the sun sign is a planetary placement, it only accounts for one major component of your birth chart while the rising sign sets up the wheel of your birth chart by establishing which zodiac signs will rule over each of your twelve houses.

Your rising sign is also a much more specific placement than your sun sign, because rising signs change every two hours and depends entirely on your birth time. Because your rising sign correlates with the moment you took your first breath, it describes the path you will take in this life.

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Why You Should Read Your Horoscope For Your Rising Sign

There are horoscopes that are written for your ascendant—aka “rising sign”—and those that are written specifically for your sun sign. However, most horoscopes are actually constructed with your rising sign in mind.

If you read a horoscope for your rising sign, the astrological analysis behind it will account for where the transit planets are in each of your twelve houses. Since the houses represent areas of our life, the transit planets will bring out different components of each house depending on the condition of the transit planet, the house themes, and any notable aspects between the transit planets. So, the rising sign horoscope will represent real-time events coming to fruition because the transit planets will activate the themes of your houses. Meanwhile, your sun sign horoscope will feel more personal since the transit planets will have to be in orb to the degree of your sun sign to activate an emotional reaction. Given that the sun sign horoscope is emotionally reactive, it may represent how we feel, process or synthesize the thoughts and feelings of our ego.

Essentially, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to horoscopes. Neither the sun sign nor the rising sign horoscope is inaccurate. But it may appear that way if you’re unsure of which one to read. If you want to have a better understanding of the events unfolding in your life, then you should read your rising sign horoscope since this will accurately represent patterns that may arise. If you want to better know how you are impacted by the cosmos, then the sun sign horoscope will best represent your emotional reactions to the planetary influences in your life. Regardless, consider reading the horoscope for your rising sign first, followed by reading the horoscope for your sun sign to have a well-rounded perspective of the celestial significance in your life.

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