These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week, Because They’re Dealing With Disruptive Changes

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week, Because They’re Dealing With Disruptive Changes
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In order for us to tap into our divine flow, full moons tend to be equally as emotionally charged as they are incredibly revealing, both individually and as a collective. Although, after last week’s triggering full moon in Leo, it’s no wonder these three zodiac signs will have the worst week of February 6 to 12. Continue to expect disruptive changes and shocking breakthroughs, some of which may even evoke a sense of discomfort.

Sounds alarming but these energies will more than likely resurface in May 2023, during the lunar eclipse in Scorpio, given that this lunation was almost an exact midpoint between both eclipses. With that being said, if there are unexpected circumstances and/or events shaking up your world at this time, you’re not alone. Paradigms are shifting, but we’re leveling up in the process. Meanwhile, after the moon enters Virgo on February 6, it will sit in direct opposition to Venus—planet of love—the following day, creating friction between the need to get organized and practical vs. the desire to surrender to the elusive longing in your heart.

To go with the flow or to be realistic, that is the question! Start making up your mind soon, because there will be no room for indecision by February 10. This is when Mercury—the messenger planet—will be joining forces with smoldering Pluto to form a truth-telling conjunction. For instance, if you’ve been searching for clues around an uncertainty, or simply holding your tongue for the sake of keeping the peace, this all-or-nothing mentality will pretty much speak for itself. Think before you lash out and pay close attention to the subtle clues.

If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of these zodiac signs, here’s why you’re more likely to stress the little things this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Week

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Despite wanting to go within, and get things organized in the homefront on February 6—especially upon the moon’s ingress into Virgo and your fourth house of innermost feelings, and family matters—your celestial ruler will meet with Neptune, whilst activating your eighth house of mergers, joint ventures and shared resources. You could be uncomfortably receptive to the undercurrents of your professional surroundings, but this is where you’re being called to set firm boundaries, and steer clear of shady environments that evoke your inner critic.

Ironically enough, Luna will sit in opposition to Venus on February 7, which continues to trigger your emotional world (fourth house) and public persona (10th house of reputation). How can you create a healthy balance between these two areas of life? Themes of give and take are almost an inevitable point of discussion on February 10, when your celestial ruler meets with Pluto in Capricorn. The truth isn’t always pretty, but expressing yourself will liberate you in more ways than you realize.

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Tending to your garden is easier said than done when you have a number of miscellaneous, and responsibilities to tackle. This is where Mercury’s sextile to Neptune on February 6 comes to play, as well as the moon’s ingress into Virgo and your 12th house of rest, closure and unconscious patterns. Perhaps these feelings of confusion and/or lethargy are being brought to your attention so you can finally do something about it.

Luna will also make an opposition to your celestial ruler, Venus, the following day, creating tension between your body clock urging you to take a rest vs. the ambiguity surrounding your day–to-day routines. Take a breath, and try to not attach yourself to a specific outcome. If feelings and thoughts intensify on February 10, it’s likely thanks to Mercury’s close proximity to Pluto via your fourth house of home, family and your living space. Significant conversations (perhaps not the easiest) are likely to surface.

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If you’re questioning the validity of an important document and/or perhaps avoiding an important conversation with someone in your immediate environment, there are only so many distractions one can’t get away with. Luna will also be entering Virgo on February 6, bringing emphasis to your eighth house of intimate unions and joint ventures, before directly opposing Venus the following day.

Some of you might feel indebted to a partnership or institution of sorts, but it’s important to reflect on whether you’re being practical and honest, or simply offering your loyalty from a space of compassion. Tough conversations are almost inevitable on February 10, when Mercury joins forces with Pluto. Touching down on your 12th house of secrets, the truth will be liberating and necessary.

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