Rosalía On Trusting Her Intuition & What’s ‘Essential’ To Her Live Performances

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2023 is only getting started and Rosalía’s already stepping up her game. The Spanish musician and producer just finished off her world tour, just won a Grammy for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album for her universally critically acclaimed release MOTOMAMI and is ready to perform at Coachella this April. She’s starting off the year strong (and in her feelings) with a new single in collaboration with Coca-Cola.

“LLYLM” or “Lie Like You Love Me” was released on January 27, 2023, as a collaboration with Coca-Cola’s Creations. The mellow track depicts a special kind of yearning—one where Rosalía switches from Spanish over to English to let out her feelings. “I don’t need honesty / Baby, lie like you love me / Cover me in a dream / I’ll be yours or fantasy,” she transcendently sings in the chorus with soft guitars and repetitive clapping.  As well as a very sweet song, Rosalía also revealed her own Coca-Cola Creations flavor. Rosalía fans will also get a chance to bid on Rosalía memorabilia through this collaboration, including an autographed helmet, tour outfit, poster and other collectibles. Proceeds from the auction will support the Antonio Gala Foundation, a non-profit based in Rosalía’s home country of Spain that provides residency scholarships to young creators.

In an exclusive interview with STYLECASTER, Rosalía reveals what music she’s listening to now, what she misses from tour and her favorite fashion trends.


Courtesy of: The Coca Cola Company

In your Rolling Stone interview, you called MOTOMAMI a “chaotic” record, what direction do you want your music to head towards this year?

I don’t know yet and I think it’s great to not know. Not knowing or not having an answer to something makes you move forward, makes you keep going towards finding it. Also, I think I always let myself go depending on how I feel and I try to trust my intuition as much as possible.

What kinds of sounds attract you now? Or What sonically pleases you?

These days I’m listening to a lot of The Strokes and Alex G. I love guitars, hahaha.

Your devotion to your craft makes up a big part of your iconic status. What parts of your musical studies appear in songs, and do they sometimes come up unintentionally?

Of course, what you learn gets stuck in your mind even when you don’t want to or if even you are not fully conscious of it. I think all the classics I’ve studied make me the musician I am today and I’m grateful for all the masters I’ve had that helped me appreciate the past not just in music but in other disciplines too.

Your tour last year had so many memorable moments, how does the audience’s reaction help fuel your energy and output when performing?

The audience is essential in my performances, they complete them. My music feels different when I share it with others and I feel a strong energy coming towards me when I’m on stage that I try my best to give the energy back and be generous in the way I perform.

Your tour just ended, how have you been spending your free time?

To be honest, I spent the time resting as much as I can. I love watching movies and cooking and hanging out with my beloved ones.

What do you miss the most about the MOTOMAMI tour?

For sure, the joy on stage and discovering and getting inspired by new places, new countries and new cultures.

What is your favorite part about collaborations with artists and/or brands?

To be able to create something new and exciting, like for example with Coca-Cola and this drink.

What are your goals for 2023 in terms of artistry?

To have a lot of energy to share and prepare a beautiful show for all these festivals I’ll be performing in. I’m so excited for that and also for new music I want to put out.

What fashion trend has been capturing your eye lately?

 The pointy boots with not very tall heels.

Motomamí cites lots of great artists who you look up to and who you want people to find out more about. In the future, or even the present, what kind of impact or things do you want other people to look up to you for?

Oh, I can’t say it myself the next ones that come have to answer this question! There’s no way I can have the answer. This makes me think about something; I think art is always a conversation and in, the same way, I’m conversing with the artist that has inspired me when I create. I hope what I do tiene algun sentido [makes some sense to] another person when they create too. I actually think anything is a good excuse to start a creative process, and if one of my songs is an excuse for another artist, then this would make me feel very grateful.

This collaboration with Coca-Cola includes you singing multiple languages throughout the song. What was the process of recording like and what were some challenges along the way?

This song was made with love and I worked on it with my friends and partners. I was excited to sing in a language that is not mi primera lengua [my primary language] and I remember writing some of the lyrics in New York at Electric Lady (Jimi Hendrix’s Old Studio) and cutting some of the vocals in Las Vegas. These places inspire me to make music in a different way and I enjoy finding new ways to use my voice or to write. It was challenging to find an organic way to blend a hook like this with a bridge inspired by Lole y Manuel songs but I’m really happy with the result.

MOTOMAMI by Rosalía


Courtesy of Columbia Records

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