What to Do on Valentine’s Day For Singles: Self-Love Rituals, Magical Spells & More

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What to Do on Valentine’s Day For Singles: Self-Love Rituals, Magical Spells & More
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If you’re wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re single, it’s time to take that love you would have given someone else and pour back into yourself. Believe it or not, this is a beautiful time to tap into the ever-present energy of love, especially if you’re single. Although the holiday itself is marketed for couples, asking them to show affection through gifts and various purchases, I’m here to remind  you that February 14 can be the perfect day to commemorate all the love you already have inside you. There is nothing more rejuvenating than giving yourself conscious acts of self love, and we are here to help you find a ritual that feels tailor-made for your needs on this conflicting day of the year.

Although these rituals are great for Valentine’s Day and self-care, they can also be done at any time when you feel ready to connect with the ever-present flow of loving energy. Valentine’s Day should be spent in a loving, present and joyful manner regardless of your relationship status, and I am here to remind you that wherever you are in your journey with love, you deserve a pure, healthy and selfless love… always.

Listen to your heart and your gut on this day and beyond, and try to show up for yourself in the ways that you would want someone else to show up for you. If that means buying yourself flowers, booking a table for one at your favorite restaurant or staying in to watch your favorite movie for the tenth time, know that the ritual of dating yourself is the most potent and important way to celebrate yourself on V-day!

Spells & Rituals For Singles on Valentine’s Day 2023

What to Do on Valentine's Day 2023 For Singles

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Magic Mirror Spell

On Valentine’s Day, you should take time to just sit with yourself… literally! Find a cozy cushion, comfortable pillow or a fuzzy throw blanket and set up shop in front of a mirror. When you are doing mirror work, take a few deep breaths while you make eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Let yourself fully settle in to the moment by grounding yourself and letting all of life’s other distractions fall away. Once you feel like you are conscious and in the present moment with yourself, start to tell yourself all of the things (physical, emotional and otherwise) that you love about yourself. You can start with “I love that you chose to show up for yourself today” if it feels too difficult to say something kind about yourself. But I highly encourage you to stick it out and begin to talk to yourself in a loving, romantic and gentle way—much like you would hope for a lover, friend or observer to talk to you. Think of the most kind and powerful things that you could say to yourself… say them out loud and allow this to be a true act of love!

Mirror work when done repetitively can be healing for the subconscious and truly re-write the way you think and feel about yourself. When your inner voice wants to remind you of your insecurities, make sure you combat the negativity by giving yourself a genuine compliment. You can also write down and some loving affirmations for yourself on sticky notes and keep them on your mirror for days when it feels harder to find kind things to tell yourself. You are your deepest, longest and most consistent relationship, after all.

What to Do on Valentine's Day 2023 For Singles

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Form a Loving & Intentional Routine

We have all been conditioned to workout due to the fear of looking a certain way versus finding a workout that makes you feel happy, excited and strong. We have been told to budget due to fear of being broke versus finding ways to invest, save and spend that feels conscious and rooted in freedom and experience. We listen to podcasts and self-help gurus that make you feel shame and insecurity in order to light a fire under your seat.

In order to break out of this indoctrination, take time on Valentine’s Day to shift your perspective. Take an hour (or three) and get really honest with yourself about a few things about your weekly routine:

  1. What are non-negotiable activities that you will always block off time for?
  2. How are your finances? Are you over-spending? Are you denying yourself well-deserved luxury?
  3. When do you do your grocery shopping? Are you getting proper nutrients?
  4. What about your weekly routine is making you unhappy? Can you take steps to release yourself from some of these things?
  5. If you are someone with a uterus: would you like to incorporate cycle syncing? (i.e. align your diet, exercise and lifestyle to your menstrual cycle phases)

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What to Do on Valentine's Day 2023 For Singles

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Take a Ritual Bath

Add your favorite herbs, flowers and essential oils to your bath on Valentine’s Day and allow yourself to unplug for a little while. No doom-scrolling, no comparison and absolutely no overstimulation for this one! Ritual baths allow you to tap into your preference of natural elements and their powerful properties. In example: epsom salt is known to extract and remove negative energies while also helping the physical body heal with magnesium, while rose petals are a great way to plump the skin and give a beautifying effect after a soak. 

What to Do on Valentine's Day 2023 For Singles

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Connect With Your Intuition

Take some time to pull a Tarot card (or twelve) and give yourself an intuitive reading. You can also look up the meanings of each Tarot card with a guide book like this one or even hire a professional Tarot reader to receive a reading. This holiday is all about getting in touch with yourself and your inherent worthiness to receive.

You can connect with your intuition as well by journaling, manifesting or meditating. Some great points of focus for these practices would be abundance and how love is always available to you. Focusing on opening the heart or healing old heart wounds is another great way to get down with your intuition *and* call forth the love that you desire. Remember, the less you focus on what you do not have and the more you focus on what is always present and available to you, the better!

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